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Cambridge Fitness Bootcamp is a fast paced workout that will keep your heart rate elevated and strip away fat.
Whether you’re a weightlifter who hates cardio or a cardio-king/queen who neglects weight lifting, this workout is designed to fill the gaps in your training program.
Get your workout on with club/dance/pop/dubstep music to energize you and boost your energy to get through those tough last couple of reps! Get your sweat on with other workout lovers with the music you love.
Lift Weights Faster!! Make cardiovascular training fun with bodyweight and resistance training using a mix of supersets and circuit styled exercise combos.
Meet an awesome group of people and make some friends who all love to workout to the same music you do!


Hatha yoga is a class that focuses on alignment and holding poses while maintaining ease and steadiness, being aware of the breathe at all times is a highlight of this practice.

Penney started practicing yoga in 2009, when she found difficulty to find balance between her professional career and personal life. Penney immediately realized the healing power within the breath and how wonderful it felt to step on her mat at the end of each day. The physical transformation became obvious and the inner strength to meet life’s obstacles became apparent shortly thereafter. Penney’s love for yoga and the need to pay it forward was so strong; she decided to complete her yoga certification in order to share her love of yoga with others.

Penney completed her RYT-200 at Conestoga College and has trained with professional yoga teachers such as Seane Corn. Penney also completed her Lakshmi Voelker Chair Teacher Certification through Ageless Arts & Yoga.
Penney believes that with regular practice, everyone is able to reconnect with his or her mind, body and soul and learn to rebuild one’s confidence in order to face life with a sense of calmness and courage.
The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to “let go” of our ego and the expectations of what others think we should be and just be ourselves.

Pilates with Laura Sparks

Cambridge’s favourite Pilates teacher, Laura Sparks, will lead classes to help strengthen and relax your body in our beginner to intermediate pilates classes.

Pilates engages the body and the mind through a series of controlled movements that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles without adding bulk. These movements improve the mind-body connection, alignment and posture, mental alertness while helping to develop a strong core. Some props will be used including resistance bands, foam rollers and blocks will be used in this class.

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