WTOQ food sensivitiesSensitivity Testing

Digestive concerns, eczema, mood changes, ear infections, hormone imbalances, and approx 180 other symptoms can all be linked to sensitivities.

Eliminating a sensitivity is crucial to allowing the body time to heal and become stronger. Many people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what food is bothering them. We make the process quicker by testing several foods, environmental, hormones and amino acids to help you find answers, to get the results you need.
Based on the concept of applied kinesiology, muscle testing is a non-invasive way of evaluating the body’s strength or weakness (aka response) to each substance tested. By identifying the substance(s) that cause a system to weaken, the elimination process can begin, with Tania’s guidance and support, and your body can naturally begin to restore its balance.

Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation

This is via a pin prick blood sample taken in office and sent by mail for evaluation. Research in the Alternative Medical Review Journal, compared this evaluation with various other food tests and found it to be 100% specific. Clinically, this evaluation is proven to be very accurate at finding foods that cause symptoms in the body. This evaluation reports foods genetically not digested well and therefore these foods would create toxic buildup and this can lead to digestive issues, bowel issues, immune problems, including creation of allergies, eczema, recurrent ear throat bladder and most other infections, chronic inflammation, headaches, etc.

This is lifelong information and considered important information for your overall best health even if you feel you are not having health concerns. This evaluation is highly recommended for infants, before food introduction occurs, but is great for all ages.

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