Labour & Postpartum Doula

Doula comes from an ancient greek word meaning “a women who serves”. The roll of a doula whether it be birth or postpartum is to offer informational, physical and emotional support to a women and her family during the transition into parenthood. As a doula I help to facilitate a positive labour and peaceful postpartum period by bridging the gap and empowering women to be an active participant in their conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.


Studies show that families who welcomed a birth doula into their birthing team had

  • Fewer caesarian sections
  • Fewer requests for epidurals
  • Overall reduction in the use of pain medications
  • Reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin to augment labour
  • Reduction in the length of labour time

Reports also state that postpartum doulas offers the equally important benefits such as:

  • Reducing Isolation after birth
  • Increased rates of breastfeeding past 6 weeks postpartum
  • Higher self esteem regarding parenting abilities
  • Less anxiety along with less instance of Postpartum Mood Disorder
  • Smoother transition for siblings

Every women deserves the right to feel supported, cared for, empowered and mothered during this magnificent transition in life how can I help you during yours?


Birthing a Mother

    Package includes:

  • 1 Free consultation
  • 2 prenatal Visits
  • Complete 24 hour On call services from week 38-42
  • Physical, Emotional, Informational Support throughout pregnancy
  • Email and Phone call and Text support
  • Continuous In Person support during the birth and up to 2 hours after
  • 2 Post Partum visits
  • Discounted Rate on Placenta Encapsulation and Fitness Class
  • Labour Package (includes birth call and light snacks provided during birth)

$750.00 Investment
Payment Plans Available

The Best of Both Worlds 

Package includes:

  • 1 Free Initial Consultation
  • 2 Prenatal Visits (Approx 2 hours) Discuss birth wishes, medical and non medical interventions, interactive comfort measure techniques ect.
  • Additional 1 hour prenatal visit to assess Mom-to-be’s nutrition and labour prep (homeopathy) and infant feeding questions (With registered Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant  Tania Heinemann RHN, RNCP, IBCLC)
  • Complete 24 hour on call services from 38-42 weeks
  • Physical, Emotional and Informational support throughout the pregnancy
  • Continuous in person support during the birth and up to two hours postpartum
  • Families first meal
  • 2 Post Partum Visits (Approx 2 hours) Help with adjusting to the new family member, house hold chores, first adventure out, going over the birth ect
  • Additional 2x’s 2 Breastfeeding/ Infant feeding visits (check latch, possible tongue tie, supply concern, up to date research and plan of action for first few days and weeks ( with registered nutritionist and lactation consultant Tania Heinemann RHN, RNCP, IBCLC)
  • Nutritional Snacks
  • Phone, email and text support
  • Local Resource sharing

$925.00 Investment
Payment Plans Available


Packages and Pricing

*All packages require a 50% deposit upon booking to hold your space. The remainder of the balance to be paid upon completion of services.

Full Package Includes Capsules, Tincture and Essence
Investment $250

Capsules and 1 Tincture or Essence 
Investment $225

Only Capsules 
Investment $175

Add a placenta balm to any package 
Investment $15

Postpartum Doula Package

All postpartum doula packages are completely customizable to your individual families needs.
While continuing certification discount prices are in place
$15/hour a minimum requirement of 8 hours (can be spilt into separate days/ times)


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