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The decision to breastfeed is not about lifestyle, but about the total physical and emotional health of the mother and baby. We strive to provide the information and support which mothers and families may need as they make decisions about nurturing their infants and children. Through our individual consultations, group programs, events and training, we deliver experienced methods as well as the latest developments in breastfeeding and post natal care.

Tania, through her own personal experiences and professional experience as a Nutritionist, became a Lactation Consultant and Post Partum Doula, to offer additional community support during the sacred time (4th trimester) after a baby is born.
Having a baby is a blessing and a HUGE adjustment to the expectant parent(s).

Did you know that 1 in 5 women in Canada will experience Post Partum Mood Disorder (anxiety/depression, etc) and that the sooner you are able to get good support the better you start to feel!

More information and a checklist here:

  • Some of the many benefits of having a Nutritionist/Lactation Consultant:
  • Mothers feel more secure and cared-for in their new role
  • Opportunity for rest and full recovery
  • Less postpartum depression
  • Higher rates of breastfeeding
  • Easier adjustment for the entire family after the birth
  • Episiotomy care, preventing infection, bonding, after pains
  • Emotional support to the Mother and her partner
  • Greater feelings of self-confidence
  • Breastfeeding concerns: lactation support and referrals, thrush, infections, sore/cracked nipples, low milk supply
  • Tongue tie and lip tie concerns

Tania has been mentoring McMaster University Midwifery students for the past five years at her Cambridge and Waterloo clinic where they do a two week community based placement to learn more about women’s health and other services. This opportunity to teach students about breastfeeding and “everything post partum” has been a valuable experience.
Tania has been several radio shows and television broadcasts as a guest promoting breastfeeding and talking about post partum mood disorder. Tania previously chaired the Cambridge Community Breastfeeding Group for several year where she is still an active member of the group.

IBCLC and Nutrition Consultation services are covered by some private insurance. Check with your carrier to see if you are covered. If not you may be eligible to submit your receipts at income tax time for reimbursement.

Tania A. Heinemann RHN, RNCP, IBCLC
Registered Nutritionist, Speaker, Lactation Consultant

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